best stock market books for beginners (Part 2). Changing your outlook

In my last post, I commented on being asked “What are the best stock market books for beginners?” and I recommended some great books. I want to add a couple more that will also include changing your outlook.

One thing I came across when I started investing was trying not to follow the herd. I can be as my friends would attest, be a little unconventional. With the herd mentality, you can run the risk of running of the investing cliff along with the rest of Joe Public. Hopefully, not literally, that would be pretty bad. In my early investing years I wish I had found these books earlier.

They may change how you approach the market, and yourself for that matter. I believe you need to think differently. Enlighten yourself and try to act differently.

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The Best Stock Market Books for Beginners

I have often been asked what are the best stock market books for beginners. Before you go out into the stock market, you need to be informed. Become aware of different strategies and ways to invest.

I want to concentrate on an area that many investors forget about. This applies to both those starting out and those who have fallen into investing and just follow newsletters.

Educating yourself.

The seasoned investor has already spent countless hours reading and studying. If you don’t want to lose money in the market read the right books.

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Future wireless technology could be on the Horizon!

Charging a phone at C2E2

After years of plugging in, the long wait is almost over. Future wireless technology is on the horizon and if you read below. I’ll explain the one company that I believe may bring it to the world. They are not the only solution in this space. However, this is my pick.

Like all consumers, we are dependent on our mobile devices.

Air pods. Hearing aids. Smartwatches. Mobile Phones. E-Readers. The list continues to grow!

We are endlessly in search of an outlet to stay charged, mainly when we travel or at a conference or even out for a long day shopping.

I carry a huge battery bank in my rucksack. For many of us, power is everything. My phone I know, it is getting old, and it can’t last more than two-thirds of a day if I am careful what Apps I use. We do not have enough power storage anymore. We are all desperate for a solution to become untethered from a power source.

Back in 1891, the great Nikola Tesla invented a way to transmit energy wirelessly. That was a long, long time ago! Now from those experiments, we have that way forward opened up for us.

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What Tech Stocks to Invest in? A question many ask.

When you are looking at what tech stocks to invest in, you should first decide on how much risk you are willing to take.

All stocks carry risk. So when looking in the technology sector, and which stocks to put your hard earned money behind.

You need to decide on what type of stock you a comfortable with. I have three categories.

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Good Value Stocks – Some Thoughts on Buying Value Stocks

Phil “What are the good value stocks right now?”  I‘ve been asked this many times.  I have reviewed many newsletters wondering the same question. I have spent hours in front of the laptop researching only to find that something doesn’t add up. And, where I didn’t do the research extensively I have lost a lot of money.  I really hate losing money!

If you notice a basic graph of the Dow Jones Industrial Average you will see the trend is UP, yes there are dips and periods of uncertainty, but if you don’t panic. And, we all panic, You will eventually find most stocks increase in value. In this post, I’ll give you an example of such an event in my life. But before I discuss Value stocks. I just want to touch on a subject that keeps coming up. Why I don’t like giving stock buying advice and why you need to be careful and do your own due diligence.

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