Future wireless technology could be on the Horizon!

Charging a phone at C2E2

After years of plugging in, the long wait is almost over. Future wireless technology is on the horizon and if you read below. I’ll explain the one company that I believe may bring it to the world. They are not the only solution in this space. However, this is my pick.

Like all consumers, we are dependent on our mobile devices.

Air pods. Hearing aids. Smartwatches. Mobile Phones. E-Readers. The list continues to grow!

We are endlessly in search of an outlet to stay charged, mainly when we travel or at a conference or even out for a long day shopping.

I carry a huge battery bank in my rucksack. For many of us, power is everything. My phone I know, it is getting old, and it can’t last more than two-thirds of a day if I am careful what Apps I use. We do not have enough power storage anymore. We are all desperate for a solution to become untethered from a power source.

Back in 1891, the great Nikola Tesla invented a way to transmit energy wirelessly. That was a long, long time ago! Now from those experiments, we have that way forward opened up for us.

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