Meet Phil

Hi, it’s Phil here from Which Tech Stocks,

I have been an engineer for over 30 years and have been investing in the stock market since the mid-2000’s.  I have my own copywriting business, where I write online content for companies and even the odd restaurant. I do love good food.

Being a Tech head, I have been drawn to technology stocks since I started investing.  These can be quite volatile, and I have learned over the years the things to look out for and to not overexpose yourself to any one individual stock. I have tried many techniques over the years and found a few that I like. Eventually, when I make enough money, I’ll be playing it ultra conservatively, but until that time, let’s see if we can make a few quid.

Now I have the opportunity to give back. Share my knowledge and maybe help you avoid the pitfalls that await you.


Why Do I Want to Help You?

I have seen friends and colleagues scammed out of money. I have been drawn by greed to make the wrong decisions I have bought and given up ‘We’ll Make You Rich’ newsletters online.  So, I want to give you an honest assessment of newsletters I like and a few I think you should do more research before turning over your money.

I have made huge mistakes. Some mistakes cost me thousands of dollars.  These lessons come hard. These lessons can be learned if you follow the right path and get the right advice.

There is a great deal of good and free advice out there if you know where to look.  Moreover, some great newsletters that are great reads. Some are very informative about the state of the market or economy at any one time, and these can help when changing from one strategy to another.

If only I knew to sell my stocks and options before the crash. I lost more money than I would ever have imagined! In the big dot-com crash of 2000, I lost my nest egg. I decided then to look after myself and learn to invest my funds.

Since then I have always looked at the news and made sure I had some protection, and so my funds have steadily grown.

I love technology stocks and have unique ways to study the securities before I invest in them. I have learned from some of the smartest people in the business, paying $1000’s a year for this insider knowledge. I realised many of my friends and colleagues don’t have that opportunity or the funds. So now I hopefully will be able to offer some advice to the person on the street, not the Wall Street Elite.

What qualifications do I have?

I have no official Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) licence.  However, I did have over  30 years experience in the semiconductor industry and was a materials & failure analysis expert for over 25.

I have been involved in the purchase of equipment worth over a million dollars and managed a highly motivated and competent group of engineers. Purchasing such equipment means there are a number of companies and you have to do your research to find the best fit.

In that time, I have built up diverse skills that I can hopefully help you such as…

  • Gaining an MSc in Advanced Materials Technology from the University of Surrey in the UK, having previously been qualified in electrical and electronic engineering.
  • Co-ordinated IQ/design for lab tools, lighting, air conditioning, and power consumption.
  • Travelled extensively and sometimes relocated for up to two and a half years, to European, US and Israel sites to train and lead investigations.
  • Co-implemented the COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) documentation for a small wafer FAB (Fabrication Centre) in the UK.
  • Recently I wrote the new ISO 9001:2015 quality systems manual for a lab in Ireland with 100% feedback, including zero observations.

Many of these tasks require a high level of attention to detail. So I have a diverse and unique set of experiences which I use to help me select tech stocks and review newsletters.


Well, Maybe I can help You!

Are you fed up with newsletters failing you time and time again?

Are you tired of listening to so-called experts writing absolute rubbish and then the stocks fail? “OK, we lose out here and let’s go again”. With little thought about the loss, you have suffered.

There are people out there who care.  I have been trading for many years. I am not an expert; I know that no one person is right all the time.  However, if you choose the right people to follow, you can be right much more often, and you’ll see your portfolio grow.

I am living proof.

I want to give you good, useful options.

Over the course of time, I will point you in the direction of people, newsletters, schools of stock market trading that have made my life more sustainable.  Made my life less stressful because I followed their advice.

I will tell you about the stocks I’m buying if I can. Why I am buying them, and you can choose to listen or not. Some friends have already done quite well with my thoughts and have told me countless times I should set up a site because “It works, Phil – You’ve just made $$$$! Why don’t you set up a newsletter or blog post?” Well, I finally have.

If I write an article, I will never recommend you buy or sell. It would help if you always did your research to see if the stock is right for you and your portfolio.

If you choose to buy the stocks, I have in my portfolio or the ones I write about as possibles then it is your risk.

For years didn’t tell anyone what I was buying or selling. However, now too many have requested updates on the stock market. I am starting to answer text messages if a particular stock drops to answer questions on whether they should buy or sell. Doing this blog, you’ll have all my notes, and I will be happy to give you my thoughts be it right or wrong.

We are all in it to make money. We want to get ahead of the crooks in Wall Street. With patience and the right stock, you may make a great deal of money.

Good Investing!


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